The Walking Dead: No Man's Land mobile game gets integrated with Season 7 of the TV series


The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, the official mobile game of the hit TV series, developed by Next Games in collaboration with AMC, has just received a major update that changes the way it’s played.

Beginning this week, the game will be integrated with the seventh season of The Walking Dead TV series. But what exactly does this mean? Well, it’s pretty simple: each week players will be able to unlock exclusive content in-game, which will feature playable characters as they appear on the show.

Also, players will be able to unlock bonus themes, special cuts and behind-the-scenes videos directly in game. Those who still play the mobile game should know that the new playable content will always be unlocked in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land on Mondays beginning this week.

A game and a TV show have never been integrated in quite this way before, and we owe it to all the incredible support The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land received during its first year. We’re excited to work with AMC to expand the connections between the worlds of the TV series and game, giving fans an experience that continues to stay true to the show they love. 

Aside from the new integration with the TV show, the latest update brings streamlined mission view, which allows players to access all mission types in one place. Furthermore, the developers confirmed that after the update, heroes with higher tokens costs will unlock at higher rarity.

Last but not least, the update adds Council level +1 and improved XP Tents, which should now permanently provide twice as much XP as before.

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