American Pumpkins 64 GB Android Tablet, 10.1 inch Review

American Pumpkins 64 GB Android Tablet available on Amazon.

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This tablet has been simply amazing while using it over the past week. It has full functionality with the Google Play store and can download any app you can think of for an Android tablet. The speed and navigation has been smooth and simple. I’ll go into a bit of further detail below.

The tablet comes with an OTG dongle for connecting USB, a DC wall charger, USB charger, and screen protector. There was a slight bubble made under the screen protector due to the sticker on the face of the tablet so I recommend just removing it, placing the protector, then re-applying the sticker down so the screen looks best (which is what I ended up doing). There are volume controls, headphone jack, power button, mini-USB, mini-HDMI, full USB, and attachment area for the optional keyboard are around the edge of the tablet. There is also a cutout for a TF card that can be slid off and popped back into place. The tablet is pretty simple to use. The on/off button can be pushed for up to 10 sec to turn on and the tablet powers on like a normal android device. You have your lock screen and different screens to swipe through and load up with you apps and widgets. The notification menu can be dropped down from the top and you can control your notifications and other settings from there.

The camera is pretty decent on the back of the device. The front camera can be a little bit grainy in low light but it will work for quick skypes or video chats. I was actually pretty impressed with the back camera for being on a tablet. The HMDI connectivity is huge to me as you can view anything from the tablet on your TV that way. I have it hooked up to my 48 in TV in my living room and can basically use it as a computer and hook up a mouse and keyboard to it and control it from the couch. Bluetooth connectivity is easy and simple to set up. I had no issues with any devices connecting to it.

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The screen quality is quite nice and has a pretty appealing resolution. Looking at photos and videos on it is pleasureable and I couldn’t pick out any flaws. The touchscreen navigation is also very smooth and responsive. I have used this for Clash of Clans and have had no issues gaming with it and selecting things with my finger.

The app store is Google Play and it is awesome. It is not lacking in any apps and has full functionality. I feel spoiled with the 64GB to play with considering all of the app possibilities. I have been able to stream Prime music, play COC, and email flawlessly. I have also downloaded other apps like Facebook, Spotify, ESPN, and others without any problems.

I love this tablet and this is one of the best I have ever owned. With the keyboard addition, this would probably rival my Microsoft Surface RT that I’ve had for a few years. I did receive this in exchange for an honest review as I review products here on Amazon but I very highly recommend this tablet. I have had no issues with it and I think it is a great product. Please don’t hesitate to comment with any questions or concerns.


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