RED Digital Cinema Tutorial: REDLINK DEVELOPMENT KIT for Android

“Got a REDLINK DEVELOPMENT KIT for Android? Learn how to use it with this quick tutorial. The REDLINK™ Development Kit allows programmers to create custom applications to control their DSMC via mobile device, computer, or microcontroller. The kit contains a USB pre-loaded with the REDLINK SDK sample apps, as well as additional resources.

Completing the REDLINK™ Development Kit is the REDLINK™ Bridge, a wireless module that allows apps to communicate with the DSMC through the REDLINK™ Command Protocol (RCP). Additionally, the REDLINK™ Bridge interfaces with the RED 3-AXIS LENS CONTROL SYSTEM’s T.H.C. (TACTICAL HAND CONTROLLER) to control focus and iris on Canon and Nikon lenses. The REDLINK™ Bridge attaches to the rear of the DSMC brain or compatible rear module, and supports a wireless communication range of approximately 50 ft.


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