Opera Max for Android updated with improved privacy features, ad-blocker

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Opera has just announced a new set of features for its Android browser, which is meant to improve privacy and security more than “unprotected iPhone apps.” A new version of Opera Max, because this is the browser in question, will be rolled out in stages to Android users in the next couple of days.

The main highlights of the update is the “privacy mode,” an interesting feature that allows users to enhance privacy on their Android phones across almost all of their apps.

Then, Opera takes a jab at Apple and its shady privacy policy and claims that the company “has been making a lot of noise about privacy and security on iPhone over the past year. However, they do nothing to reveal the sketchy behavior of apps that put your privacy at risk.”

The good news is Opera has found a way to prevent Android apps to misbehave and track users. Basically, the privacy mode included in Opera Max reveals which of the apps that you have installed on your phone are bad and which are good in term of sharing data with third parties.

Aside from the new privacy mode, the developers also added an ad-blocker. In fact, this acts like a filter that allows you to block trackers that are revealed by Opera Max’s privacy mode. This will make you less of a target for various websites and apps that want to retarget you with adds.

Also, the privacy mode allows Android users to encrypt their app data and browsing traffic on Wi-Fi by simply tapping a button. More security and privacy over public Wi-Fi networks is more than welcome, especially if you’re obsessed with these features.

If you don’t have Opera Max installed on your Android phone, you can get it for free via Google Play store. The app should already include the new privacy mode announced by Opera earlier this week.

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