292 Motion Activated Mobile Pocket DVR Review
Motion Activated Mobile Pocket DVR Review

Motion Activated Mobile Pocket DVR Review

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Check out our Actual Video Footage of this product using our DVR500ECO + Button Camera

The All NEW — HD (1280X960) Motion Activated Mini Pocket DVR. NOW Also with 3 HOUR Battery INCLUDED

The NEW generation professional Mini Pocket DVR500 ECO has it all! It’s designed to be used with a great deal of our covert video cameras «Body Worn Cameras» and acts as a power supply for the camera as well as a top quality DVR. Not only that, Mini Pocket DVR500 ECO is small enough to fit into a standard cigarette pack! Our Button cameras, Baseball Cap Camera, Broach Camera, Tie Camera, Bag Camera, Match Stick Camera, The Clip Cam ,High Resolution CCD Bullet Tactical Camera , High Resolution Tactical Helmet CCD Camera Powered By The Mini Pocket DVR500 ECO all plug right into Mini Pocket DVR500 for amazing no camera-battery needed operations! Power for the camera is supplied by the Mini Pocket DVR500 making a very professional and compact system. High Definition (1280 x 960) picture and time/date stamp / motion activation meet law enforcement standards for video surveillance. Records on SD cards from 1 to 16 GB. Kit comes complete with extra hi capacity battery (3 HOURS), recharger, remote control, playback cables, and carry case. Your going to be amazed at these features and specifications!
Super high resolution:
Able to record 1280 X 960 High Definition
SD memory card slot for from 1 to 16 GB Memory.
True Time And Date Stamping!
high capacity mini standard cell-phone type rechargeable «quick swap» battery
Motion Activation
Small and compact enough to put into a standard cigarette pack to do concealed surveillance
One touch record button. Easy playback using IR remote control


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