743 Escaping The Prison Mobile App Review Part 2 MTR
Escaping The Prison Mobile App Review Part 2 MTR

Escaping The Prison Mobile App Review Part 2 MTR

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Escaping the prison mobile app review part 2!!! So I just downloaded this game and a new recording app which is really nice and it doesn’t crash at the time. So I played escaping the prison on Android and it was really fun you have to download Adobe AIR which is a quick download to play the game I guess because it’s a flash game or something like that. So once I get the Adobe AIR installed everything went well it’s really fun and it’s really exciting to try to escape the prison in this game. I actually just gave but I’m going to try to escape other ways in creative ways thank you all for watching and supporting my channel me my family and Little John. #magictechreview ****************************
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